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Home Price Expectation Survey Q1 2021

The Home Price Expectation Survey for Q1 2021 has been released by Pulsenomic and the data shares that there are 82,338 amazing reasons to buy a home today.  There are many individuals that have opinions on the housing market moving forward however the Martini Group at Cardinal Financial believes when it comes to the future of home prices you should look at a survey of many industry experts vs the thoughts of just one.  The Home Price Expectation Survey covers thoughts from over 100 economists, real estate experts, and investment and market strategists. 

The Q1 2021 Home Price Expectation Survey expects home appreciation to increase as follows:

  • 2021 | 6%
  • 2022 | 4.5%
  • 2023 | 4%
  • 2024 | 3.6%
  • 2025 | 3.5%
What does this mean?

$82,338 of potential growth in household wealth over the next 5-years based solely on increased home equity if you purchased a home a 350,000 in January 2021. 

(NOTE: an average go $16,000 annually)

Thoughts from Certified Mortgage Advisor Kevin Martini

“There is a time to rent however that time is not now.  Based on the data from the Home Price Expectation Survey, homeowners are going to make a substantial amount of money in home equity over the next 5-years.  As an added bonus, even though mortgage rate are not as low as they have been, they are still in historic territory.  Low home loan rates multiple a buyers buying power.”

It should always be loan first & then go find your home.

It is never too early to start the discovery process because there is never a substitute for education.  The process starts not by looking at homes, the home buying process starts by connecting with a trusted and local Certified Mortgage Advisor that can provide you an your family with a mortgage strategy  to create generational wealth with real estate and provide you with cost and price clarity before you fall in love with a home.  If you want to chat, connect with either Kevin Martini or Logan Martini with the Martini Group at Cardinal Financial Company.

Kevin Martini | NMLS 143962 | Certified Mortgage Advisor and Branch Manager | Martini Group at Cardinal Financial Company, Limited Partnership, NMLS 66247 | 507 N Blount St Raleigh, NC 27604 | (919) 238-4934 | | | Equal Housing Opportunity

Kevin Martini

Kevin Martini is the founder of the Martini Mortgage Group; Branch Manager and Senior Mortgage Strategist with Cardinal Financial Company; a husband to a magnificent lady who was his high school sweetheart; a father of 2 amazing men; a son to tremendous parents; a grandfather to beautiful grandchildren; a loyal friend; a trusted and experienced advisor to the families he serves.

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