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Buying a home this fall is Smart

The 2020 housing market remarkable, and right now, fall 2020, is a smart time to buy a home (or refinance your forever home). In the Fall Edition of the Martini Buyer Guide called: Things to Consider when Buying a Home, the marque article written by Kevin Martini and Logan Martini is entitled: “Buying A Home This Fall Is Smart.” These Raleigh Mortgage Strategists’ share 5 of the biggest wins for homebuyers and homeowners this fall.

Low Mortgage Rates

Earlier this year, Raleigh mortgage rates hit an all-time low, falling below 3% for the first time ever. Continued low rates have set buyers up for significant long-term savings, and they’re making homes more affordable than they have been in years. agrees, noting, “Given this means homes could cost potentially tens of thousands less over the lifetime of the loan.

Essentially, it’s less expensive to borrow money today, so even as home prices rise, low rates are offsetting the long-term costs associated with a mortgage. This is a huge savings for buyers to capitalize on right now.

Buying Is More Affordable Than Renting

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), low Raleigh mortgage rates have also made the typical mortgage payment less expensive on a monthly basis than the average rent:

“The major factor is, arguably, low mortgage rates…With rates so low that are locked in under a 30-year mortgage, the typical mortgage payment, estimated at $1,036, has fallen below the median rent, at $1,045. For potential home buyers who were thinking of purchasing a home anyway before the pandemic outbreak and who are likely to remain employed, the low mortgage rate may be the clincher.”

When paying a mortgage, as opposed to paying rent, that money is reinvested back in your favor as a homeowner. So, instead of contributing to your landlord’s savings, you’re contributing to your family’s own net worth. This is a term called equity, and it is one of the biggest financial benefits of owning a home.

Equity Is Growing

According to John Burns Consulting, 58.7% of homes in the U.S. have at least 60% equity, and 42.1% of all homes in this country are mortgage-free, meaning they’re owned free and clear. In addition, CoreLogic notes the average equity mortgaged homes have today is $177,000. That’s a tremendous amount of forced savings for homeowners in the current market. With this much equity in place for the average homeowner, the chance of the market seeing a rush of foreclosures is not likely. Homeowners today have many options to avoid foreclosure, such as selling their homes and leveraging that equity to stay afloat.

As a buyer, you can rest assured that your homeownership investment is a sound one, and foreclosures are not expected to dominate the market as they did when the housing bubble burst over 10 years ago.

Home Price Appreciation

According to leading experts, home prices are forecasted to continue appreciating. Knowing that home values are rising should help you feel confident that buying a home this year is a strong long-term investment for you and your family.

If you’re concerned about making such a large purchase, keep in mind that today’s low mortgage rates help offset rising prices for buyers. As Ali Wolf, Chief Economist at Meyers Research notes:

Even as prices go up, the price gains are offset by the continued drop in mortgage rates.”

Changing Homebuyer Needs

Chances are, you’ve recently spent a lot of time at home. With stay-at-home orders in full effect earlier this year, you likely had more time than ever to get familiar with your current space. Whether you’re renting now or looking for a move-up home, you’ve probably identified a laundry list of things you’d like to change about your current home.

If so, you’re not alone. There are endless reasons why people are moving this year. Across the country, features like home offices, gyms, and more indoor and outdoor space are much more desirable features. Maybe you also have children at home who need a space to focus on virtual schooling. What’s on your wish list?

Martini Mortgage Group Bottom Line

If you’re considering buying a home, this may be your year, especially while Raleigh mortgage rates are historically low. Connect with Kevin or Logan Martini  to assess your changing needs and set you up for success in the home buying process.

Fall 2020 Martini Buyer Guide

The information in this 20-page homebuyer guide is helpful if one is selling real estate or one that works in the real estate arena.

Kevin Martini

Kevin Martini is the founder of the Martini Mortgage Group; Branch Manager and Senior Mortgage Strategist with Cardinal Financial Company; a husband to a magnificent lady who was his high school sweetheart; a father of 2 amazing men; a son to tremendous parents; a grandfather to beautiful grandchildren; a loyal friend; a trusted and experienced advisor to the families he serves.

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