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Our Family is Your Family Lender

Buying a home is a BIG thing! You know what is even bigger than buying a home – finding the right mortgage strategy for that home. Securing the right mortgage strategy first and then buying smart are key ingredient to creating wealth.

For many, if not most of the families the Martini Mortgage Group at Cardinal Financial Company works with, the mortgage is the largest debt of their life and the home is their largest asset. As Mortgage Strategists’, both Logan Martini and Kevin Martini create a custom home loan solution that is tailored to create the lowest cost of borrowing for the families they serve based on the families unique needs, wants and budget.

This unique approach not only maximizes time but generates financial stability and clears the path to wealth creation and it is important since a home is not just a roof over your head…it is an asset and may represent a significant portion of your families net worth.

“Some call it mortgage and some call it a home loan…whatever you call it, it is a large debt and it is not kinda of a big thing, it is a big thing! For many of the families we serve, it is the largest debt of their life. As a Mortgage Strategist, it is my duty, obligation and responsibility to make sure the families I serve not only have price and cost clarity but that they have a customized home loan solution that meets their short-term and long-term needs with the lowest cost of borrowing.” Kevin Martini

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